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Gang Violence Continues Near U.S.-Mexico Border

According to government officials from both Mexico and the U.S., several parts of Mexico remain plagued by acts of gang-related violence. Moreover, the situation appears to be getting worse. The death toll continued to climb this week, as news agencies reported numerous incidents of violence throughout Mexico.

The violence continues to affect not only Mexicans but also Americans, as two separate shootings this weekend killed three individuals with ties to the U.S. consulatein Ciudad Juarez. The shootings occurred just minutes apart from one another. Ciudad Juarez has been a particularly dangerous area: last year there were more than 2,500 murders in the city, and there have already been over 400 people killed there so far this year.

In addition, many other parts of Mexico remain similarly unsafe. For instance, there were at least fifteen gang-related murders just this weekend in the city of Acapulco, a popular destination for American tourists. Gang violence also remains a major problem in Reynosa, Mexico, which sits just across the border from McAllen, Texas. Despite efforts by the authorities, the rate of violence in Reynosa continues to rise steadily.


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