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Former U.S. Government Scientist Charged with Delivering Classified Info

CNN reported today that Stewart David Nozette of Chevy Chase, Maryland, a former U.S. government scientist, has been charged with attempting to “deliver classified information to someone he thought was an Israeli intelligence official.” However, the Israeli government has not been implicated.

Nozette, who holds a doctorate in planetary sciences, served on the National Space Council for President George W. Bush and subsequently conducted research for NASA and other government agencies with “top secret” clearance.

Nozette was arrested by FBI agents on Monday. The FBI affidavit asserts that in September, an undercover FBI agent, posing as an Israeli intelligence officer, contacted Nozette. After a series of meetings, Nozette provided the undercover agent with information classified as “secret.” Nozette will face a magistrate judge in federal court on Tuesday.



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