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Former State Department Official Charged with Illegally Representing Sudan

The federal government charged former state department official turned lobbyinst, Robert J. Cabelly, with violating U.S. sanctions by illegally representing the Sudanese government. A federal indictment accuses Cabelly of money laundering, passport fraud, making false statements and working as an unregistered agent of Sudan. According to the indictment, Cabelly’s illegal representation of Sudan earned him hundreds of thousands of dollars which the Sudanese government directly deposited into accounts in the Cook Islands. Cabelly worked on Africa issues for the State Department in the eighties and nineties and took on the authorized role of lobbying for Sudan under the Bush Administration. Cabelly terminated the contract and waiver to work with Sudan, but apparently continued to covertly advise the Sudanese government and engage in commercial activities on behalf of Sudan. Cabelly’s interaction with Sudan violated the trade embargo imposed against Sudan in 1997 and continued by the Obama Administration. The U.S. instigated the 1997 trade embargo to pressure Khartoum into ending the genocide in Darfur and to stop aiding and abetting terrorist groups.


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