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DIA Director: Pakistani Nuclear Arsenal is Safe But Vulnerable

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee this week, Defense Intelligence Agency (D.I.A.) Director Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess stated that the intelligence community has “confidence in Pakistan’s ability to safeguard its nuclear weapons,” before acknowledging that “vulnerabilities exist.”  The safety of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal has drawn increased attention as the Taliban and other extremist elements have gained power and influence in the country.

General Burgess also indicated that Pakistan’s historic and volatile relationship with India not only draws resources away from its efforts to counter extremists, but that Pakistan in fact relies on its existing relationships with such extremist groups as part of its India strategy.  He testified that “Pakistan’s military has demonstrated increased counter-insurgency training and doctrinal adjustments but its priority remains India.” He added that Pakistan’s “conviction that militant groups are an important part of its strategic arsenal to counter India’s military and economic advantages will continue to limit Pakistan’s incentive to pursue an across-the-board effort against extremism.”

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