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Defense Contractor Admits to Possibly Breaking the Law

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, DynCorp International Inc. has admitted to possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for payments made to foreign governments to expedite the issuance of visas and licenses.  DynCorp made this admission in SEC filings, and believes that nearly $300,000 was paid to sub-contractors servicing a task order for an undisclosed US government agency.

In the filings, DynCorp refused to state which task order and which agency these payments are associated with. Given DynCorp’s international presence throughout US government contracts, in both the developed and developing world, it would be speculative to suggest where these violations occurred.  In speculation, the Journal reported that in September, DynCorp was awarded a contract by the State Department to provide training and logistics, among other services, in Africa.

In the wake, of these admissions DynCorp has fired its Executive Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Curtis L. Schehr.  According to SEC filings, Mr. Schehr’s termination was without cause, but this seems less than coincidental.

Read More at: Wall Street Journal


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