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Cybersecurity Nominee Likely to be Confirmed

Lt. Gen. Keith B. Alexander will likely be confirmed to head a new organization created to U.S. military cyber capabilities. Alexander is a 35-year military intelligence officer who has led the National Security Agency since 2005. The new agency’s rules and policies are not yet fully developed, but it will include protecting the military’s global network and coordinating with DHS to protect its computer networks. Lawmakers voiced their support of Alexander and stated he would likely be confirmed. He was nominated in October, but the nomination has been held up in part due to the inability to work out the details of the new organization.

There has been an increase of cyber attacks recently on the Pentagon’s computer network.  Alexander in his Senate confirmation hearing expressed concern about the possibility of a cyberwar. “I do think a cyberwar could exist,” Alexander said. “I believe it would not exist in and of itself, but as part of a larger military campaign.”

Read more at the Washington Post.


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