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China World Leader in Scientific Research

China now leads the world in scientific research growth, adding to the nation’s ever-expanding list of superlatives.  Surpassing other countries like Russia, Brazil, and India, China demonstrated a 64-fold increase in peer-reviewed scientific papers in the past 30 years.

The country’s fast growth in scientific research is particularly strong in chemistry and materials science, and stands out from other countries in its higher degree of collaboration.  Their rapid growth is attributed to three factors, including massive government investment in science, ease of knowledge flow between scientific and commercial bodies, and efficient use of a well-educated Chinese diaspora in North America.  Scientists recognize that China has far to go in developing the quality of its scientific research overall, but note that country’s strong support for scientific development and its incentives to continue support strongly indicate that China’s growth in the field can be expected for years to come.

Read more at the Financial Times


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