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Chavez Bombs Bridges to Colombia

Tensions along the Venezuela-Colombia border intensified this week when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ordered his military to destroy two rural pedestrian bridges along the border with Colombia, over the protests of local residents, in yet another precipitation of the border conflict between the two countries.

The nominal excuse for the destruction was to reduce narcotics trafficking across the border, but these bombings should be considered in light of the recent U.S.-Colombia military cooperation pact, and Chavez’s continuing “.”

War rhetoric from Chavez may be an attempt to regain popularity in preparation for Venezuelan elections. President Chavez has stated that the U.S. is planning a war in Latin America, citing the pact between the U.S. and Colombia. However, Colombia insists it will not be drawn into a war with Venezuela. In the meantime, three more bodies were discovered this week in the latest episode ongoing border violence.


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