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CFR's Dan Markey and the Prioritization of Pakistan

While numerous pundits debate the pros and cons of escalation in Afghanistan, some political leaders, including Vice President Biden, have emphasized the need for a greater allocation of resources in Pakistan. Some policymakers and scholars have called for this change well before the current debate over Afghanistan troop levels; one of which is Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)’s Senior Fellow for India, Pakistan and South Asia, Daniel Markey.

In April of 2009, Markey published a policy paper advocating greater involvement with Pakistan. As a number of escalation proponents now argue, Markey’s paper also calls for a shift from the narrow focus on counterterrorism in Afghanistan. Also, while a lot has transpired between the Spring and Fall of 2009, some of the broader policy goals vis-a-vis Pakistan remain valuable. (See page 13.)

Throughout the week, I’ll examine a few of the policy prescriptions in this policy paper, and what they would mean for US security interests in South Asia.


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