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Car Bomb Explodes in Pakistani Market

A bomb exploded today in a crowded woman’s market in Peshawar, Pakistan. Al Jazeera reported today that almost 90 people were killed today, many of whom were women and children, and over 200 were injured. This is one of a series of bombings that have rocket different areas in Pakistan in the two weeks the Pakistani military has been fighting against Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Pakistani Taliban.

There was a bombing Oct. 23 near an air force installation, the assassination of a senior military leader in Islamabad on Oct. 22, two bomber at the International Islamic University in Islamabad on Oct. 20., a bombing at a police station in Peshawar on Oct. 16, a coordinated attack against security facilities in Lahore that killed 28 people on Oct. 15, and a raid on a army headquarters that left 14 dead and ended after a 22 hour standoff on Oct. 10.


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