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Canada and United States Increase Security for Olympic Games

 The Canadian government plans to spend $1 billion in security measures for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are the lead security agency and have committed more than 15,000 troops. Vancouver poses a unique defense challenge because the city has a population of 2.1 million making it the largest city to hose the Winter Games as well as being home to four ports. Vancouver is also 30 miles from the United States meaning Americans will play a role in security.

Image available from the Encylopedia Britinica.

“In terms of hosting the Games, they are Canada’s Games,” said Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Wash.), co-chairman of a Washington state Olympics task force. “But the fact of the matter is security of the Games has to extend beyond the Canadian border; it’s not just going to start and end at the 49th parallel. We have to take care of things on our side.” Still, the Coast Guard is ready to help by having six 87-foot long Coast Guard patrol boats ready and an emergency interdiction team stands by. The Navy also stands prepared to assist with three Navy frigates are set to watch under water vessel entry. Finally, the Transportation Security Administration has assisted Canadian officials in securing two restricted flight zones in Canada. However, the major security operations will come from Canada with the United States playing a support role. 

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