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Biden Says Pakistan Is His Biggest Concern

In a Wednesday interview with CNN, Vice President Joseph Biden, Jr. said that his biggest foreign policy concern was Pakistan.  “It is not a completely functional democracy in the sense we think about it,” he explained, “and so that’s my greatest concern.”  He added that “[Pakistan] has nuclear weapons that are able to be deployed [and] it has a real significant minority of radicalized population.”

This is now the second time in two weeks that a high ranking administration official has made public statements expressing concern about the possibility of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of the country’s insurgent elements.  Just last week, U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair and Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen Ronald Burgess both spoke to Pakistan’s nuclear vulnerabilities in a Senate hearing.  DNI Blair has since qualified his comments, warning the Pakistani military of the  “catastrophic consequences, primarily for Pakistan,” if any Pakistani insurgents took control of a portion of the Pakistani nuclear arsenal.

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