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At Least 19 Killed, 51 Wounded in Suicide Blast near Peshawar Court

On Thursday November 19 an attacker set off explosives at the entrance to a court complex in northwestern Pakistan near the Afghanistan border. The blast, which occurred during rush hour, detonated as a police guard began to search an individual who approached the court on foot. Three police officers were killed in the explosion, and Dr. Sahib Gul of the Lady Reading Hospital reported that 19 people had been killed while 51 other individuals were injured.

In recent weeks similar attacks have been attributed to the Pakistani Taliban. The explosion occurred amid the Pakistani military’s recent crack-down on Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, an anti-government Islamic militant group in South Waziristan. The Pakistani military began targeting the region, which has been a harbor for Islamic militants outside of Afghanistan, about three weeks ago. For more information see: Deadly blast near Peshawar court; Suicide bomb kills 19 in Pakistani city of Peshawar.


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