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Are Terrorist Organizations Impacting Religious Freedom?

Last week the U.S. Department of State released the International Religious Freedom Report 2010. The report surveys the religious tolerance of 200 countries and regions around the world.

Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, highlighted Iraq as among the worst offenders in failing to punish violence against non-Muslim minorities. Clinton stated that, “we believe that religious freedom is a fundamental human right and an essential element to a stable, peaceful, thriving society.” The United States called attention to religious tensions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Another one of the countries surveyed is

mbia-news/news/12987-guerrillas-threat-religious-freedom-us.html” target=”_self”>Columbia. The report found that the main threats to the religious freedom of Columbia are Guerrilla groups. According to the report Colombia “generally respects religious freedom” but terrorist organizations have “killed, kidnapped, and extorted religious leaders and practitioners, inhibiting free religious expression.” Additionally, the report states that, “illegal armed groups, especially the FARC, threatened or attacked religious officials for opposing the forced recruitment of minors, promoting human rights, assisting internally displaced persons, and discouraging coca cultivation.”

Countries highlighted for the improvement of religious freedom include: Syria, Turkey, and the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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