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Are School Lunches a Threat to National Security?

On Tuesday a group of 130-plus retired armed leaders discussed the latest potential threat to our national security, school lunches.  The leaders said that one out of four young adults is unable to meet the physical requirements to join the military.

A study by a non-profit group Mission: Readiness found that about 27 percent of young adults between the ages of 17 and 24 are to overweight to join the military.  U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen Norman Seip stated that “It’s not drug abuse, it’s not asthma, it’s not flat feet—by far the leading medical reason is being overweight or obese.”  Seip stated that all branches of the military measure strength, body fat, aerobic capacity, weight and height.

What should our Nation do? The group appeared on Capitol Hill Tuesday joined by Sen. Richard Lugar and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to show their support for new legislation on the issue pending in congress.  They urge Congress to pass a nutrition law to remove school junk food,  improve nutritional standards and quality of school meals, and open access to anti-obesity programs for children.


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