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Airstrike in Yemen Kills Six al–Queda Suspects

Qassem al–Raimi, described as the senior al–Queda planner and military leader in Yemen was killed in an air strike by the Yemeni army. A Yemeni security official said that two cars carrying eight al–Queda fighters were engaged in northern Yemen, killing at least six—including al–Raimi—at least four of whom were wanted by the Yemeni and American governments.

This strike is part of a larger campaign in Yemen against the al–Queda presence in the country, a campaign that has stepped into high gear after the attempted attack against an airplane bound for Detroit on December 25. This Thursday, January 14, Yemen declared war on al–Queda.

Previously, Yemen had been concentrating its efforts against Houthi rebels in the south, who have waged a campaign against the Yemeni government since the Hashemite rule ended in the 1962 South Yemen civil war. Late last year, Saudi forces have been engaged with the Houthi, shelling across the Yemeni border, in support of the Yemeni government.

Read more at Al Jazeera.


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