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ACLU files suit against government officials for illegal detention and rendition of U.S. citizen

The ACLU yesterday filed suit against two FBI agents and two unknown U.S. government officials on behalf of Amir Meshal, of Tinton Falls, New Jersey. The suit alleges that Meshal, a U.S. citizen, was illegally rendered to Somalia and then to Ethiopia where he remained in detention for three and a half months without access to counsel or process for contesting his detention, and was threatened with torture in violation of the Constitution and the Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991 (TVPA). Meshal had been studying Islam in Mogadishu, Somalia when violence first erupted in December 2006. Meshal fled to Kenya, where he was arrested by a U.S.-Kenyan-Ethiopian task force. Over the course of his nearly four month long detention, he was interrogated over 30 times and threatened with torture and disappearance. Meshal was eventually released on May 27, 2007 without ever having been charged. Read the full complaint.


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